Stuff I've worked on


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I worked at VIGO for 2 years developing their system from the ground-up. If you use a feature on there, there's a good chance I had a hand in building it.

Games I've made

Concrete Jungle

For the first time since I've been competing, Ludum Dare had two themes to pick from - "Growing" and "Two Button Controls". I managed to incorporate both.

My entry is about a vine growing in a city alley way, desperately searching for sunlight.

Play it here.


The theme for this Ludum Dare was "You are the monster".

I instantly thought of those campy slasher films from the 80s so, that's what I set about making. You play a ruthless axe murderer intent on ruining the evening for some oblivious teens.

I like how the game turned out, but there are some very obvious flaws, which I would certainly address, were I to expand the idea into a full game.

Try it here.

Arctic Antics

My sixth time entering Ludum Dare and with it a game of ice and orcas.

Arctic Antics is all about evasive skating and paper collecting.

The theme for this competition was 'Beneath The Surface' and there is more than just freezing ocean currents beneath that ice.

Give it a go here.

Batty Bat

This is a game I made for the Flappy Jam. The creator of Flappy Bird received a lot of abuse online for his creation, so much so that he removed his game from the app store. The idea behind the jam was to show our support for him and other developers by making Flappy Bird clones.

I had previously toyed with the idea of bat sonar as a game mechanic, but never managed to settle on something that felt right. I decided to re-visit the idea, tweaking it slightly to fit the Flappy Bird game play. The result? A game so difficult, that only seasoned war vets can stomach 5 mins of it.

I've put it up on Kongregate, if you wanna give it a go.

I also ported it to Android, if that's your kinda thing.

Let's Go Jaywalking

This is my first published flash game, and my first project to be completed outside of Ludum Dare. It started as a ragdoll simulation test, then eventually turned into a game about dodging traffic on a busy highway.

The game became unexpectantly popular and was featured on the home page of Newgrounds.

You can play it on Kongregate.


I entered Ludum Dare for a third time, this time working with a friend. Orbfuscated is the result of that.

This time around the theme was 'Minimalism', so we went with a concept and art style that emphasised that. The entire game is grayscale, except the platforms that you light up as you explore the level. I was responsible for the art and design, the stuff that made the game look pretty.

It was a stressful weekend, and we worked ourselves to the bone, but I'm really pleased with what we managed to achieve. Warning: Game is hard.


Influenza, my entry for the 24th Ludum Dare, wasn't completed in time for the 48hr compo. So I entered it into the 72hr Jam instead.

I spent more time on music this time around, but I spent the first day working on an idea that didn't work out, which is why I ran out of time. Next time I'll be sure to plan properly. Despite my lack of time though, the game got popular and eventually came 10th place overall (out of 1400 games).

I made a time lapse for the first half of the development, if you'd like to see me program in fast forward.

Minisk, you will

Minisk, You Will was my entry for the 23rd Ludum Dare, a tri-annual speed game development competition that takes place over one weekend. Contestants have only 48 hours to create a game that fits a theme that is chosen by the participants. This time around the theme was 'Tiny World'.

It was my first time entering the competition, and also the first game I've finished right through to release, of which I am quite proud. The compitition was a lot of fun, I encourage anyone who enjoys making games to take part.

I wrote a post mortem about my experiences making the game, but it is very lengthy and should not be read in one sitting.

Art I've done

Digital Art


This is a portrait for Reddit user /u/abezeez, hence the title.

Pixel Art

Old West

Some pixel art I made for a mockup old western game.

Jungle Platformer

Original mockup design for a jungle themed pixel platformer.

Train Heist

Art assets made for a side-scrolling shooter set in the old west.
This game was an entry in a 48 hour competition, but we were unable to complete it on time.

Ancient Space XIV

Made some simple assets for a friend's game project.
It's ancient Roman architecture in space.
Well, it isn't supposed to make sense!

Axe Murderer

Okay, this is technically already on the list, but I dig it so it's getting featured again!
Here's the mockup assets for my Ludum Dare entry, SLASHER!