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Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33 - Theme: You are the monster

This game is a homage of sorts to campy slasher films of the 80s.

You play an axe murderer out to exact revenge (for no apparent reason) on a group of horny teenagers who are staying at a cabin in the woods for one surely booze-filled weekend.

You're a bit of a stickler for rules though, so you need to kill the teenagers in a specific order, denoted in the bottom left, which is randomly generated each playthrough.

Killing out of order, or even being spotted prematurely, will result in a loss. Panicked teens will panic other teens, so kill swiftly.

Don't worry, corpses won't scare remaining teens. They should, but that would make the game too hard, so I decided against it.

Hide in cupboards and under beds to remain out of sight until the perfect moment.

Climbing through windows will give you the jump on those pesky teens! (Only the two at the back)


Directional Keys: Movement

X: Hack/Slash

C: Interact (when prompted)

Thanks for playing!