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The Labia Theatre

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Modern cinema in old-school style
Modern cinema in old-school style

Theatre is life. Cinema is art. Television is furniture.
~ Anonymous

The Labia is a quaint little cinema in the heart of Cape Town. It was opened as a live performance theatre in the late 40's but eventually converted to a cinema around the 70's. Much of the elements of the original theatre remain, however, like the ticket booth, concession stand and even the seating, giving the theatre its old-school charm. When you take in the decor, it's very hard not to feel like you've stepped out of a time machine and into a theatre in the 40's –– that is until the film starts and you notice the sharp imagery –– thanks to a fundraiser in 2014 all the old projectors were upgraded with digital replacements, allowing the Labia to easily compete with any modern cinema chain. As far as atmosphere though, other cinemas simply don't stand a chance.

I first visited the theatre in 2018, and it would be almost a year before I made my second trip. I've tried hard recently to rectify this error and have been visiting far more frequently to soak in some cinematic sights. This blog post is an attempt at keeping some kind of record of these visits. It is for nobody's benefit but my own. Nevertheless, I endeavor to update it as frequently as my schedule does permit.

30 Jan 2018 –– The Shape of Water
18 Jan 2019 –– Bohemian Rhapsody
19 Mar 2019 –– The Favourite
14 Jun 2019 –– Rocket Man
16 Aug 2019 –– Yesterday
28 Sep 2019 –– Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
14 Jan 2020 –– Knives Out
28 Jan 2020 –– 1917
20 Feb 2020 –– Jojo Rabbit
10 Mar 2020 –– Parasite

If you're a local and looking to spend an evening with the cinema stars, you can't go wrong with the Labia. I do recommend!