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Yeti Upsetti

SkiFree but you are the yeti

Play it here!


I made this small game for the GMTK Game Jam 2023. This year's theme was Role Reversed. After an hour or two of thought, I came up with the idea of recreating a game from my childhood, but played from the perspective of the game's only antagonist - a giant Yeti that chases you down on the ski slopes and gobbles you up at the end of the game.

This game was made over a single weekend with the help of the Godot game engine and I streamed the entire process over on my Twitch channel.


Let me tell you, this game did freaking numbers! I was not expecting to go viral with this one but I think this little project hit people right in the nostalgia button and resonated with them because the tweet below was shared far and wide, racking up 335k views!


The game was picked up and had a short article featured by Rock Paper Shotgun.